Team 1318 was graciously invited to the Spacelabs facility in Snoqualmie and given the opportunity to present FIRST, our team, and our robot, along with the opportunity to converse with a really smart engineering staff who gave us a tour of their building.

Spacelabs is a company that specializes in healthcare, and engineering healthcare that monitors the health of astronauts in space! They are based in Snoqualmie, Washington, and were very enthusiastic to learn about our team and FIRST.

Not only were we able to explain the mission of FIRST to them, but we were able to have fun in the process. The staff there was welcoming and explained how they operate as well as the huge variety of paths FIRST students can look at in the future.

By the end, we were walking out with a new sponsor, boxes of pizza, and Spacelabs merchandise. The team members that went had a great time and we hope that this is just the first step in a long journey with them!