Hey all!

This last weekend the team competed at our first competition of the 2017 season at Auburn Mountainview High School. Our pit crew worked feverously to improve our robot throughought the event, and our drive team's excellent job playing in matches and working graciously and professionally with other teams raised us in the ranks and got us on an alliance with 3588 (The Talon) and 1258 (Sea Bots) that gave the alliance that eventually won the event (5803 - Apex Robotics, 4915 - Spartronics, and 3223- R.O.C.K.) a huge run for their money during quarterfinals.

We were awarded FIRST's Chairman's award, giving us a guaranteed slot in the PNW District Championship in Spokane in April! We give a huge thanks to our Chairman's crew for giving such an amazing presentation to the judges, as well as to everyone who worked on the award submission for their amazing work. We've posted our Chairman's video on the team's YouTube page, so go check it out!

Also, a huge thanks to our scouters for, despite this being their first ever FIRST competition, showed amazing dedication, focus, and spirit in the stands during matches, demonstrating an undying passion that we captains are all so proud to be a part of. Their work, along with our scouting technician's and scouting supervisor's hard work allowed our lead scout and lead strategists to create the best possible strategy for drive team throughout the weekend.

Thank you so much to all of our team members, our mentors and parents, team 2907 for hosting the event, to our alliance partners 1258 and 3588, and to all the teams there for being a part of FIRST and making this a great event!  



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