Hello everyone!

From April 18th to April 22nd, we attended the FRC World championship in Houston, Texas! We performed amazingly on the Turing field, ending up in 3rd place by alliance selection, with a win-loss ratio of 14:3, our best of the season! Even with a team size much smaller than our other events this season, everyone worked incredibly hard to make up for it. Additionally, we couldn't have done it without everyone back home showing their support the entire time. Thanks to all our wonderful team members!

Our fantastic teammates allowed us to take everything we had learned from the past season and do our best when it mattered most.  Despite being a near-skeleton crew in some areas, we worked just as hard as before and gave an amazing effort on all fronts, enabling us to perform as well as we did.

On the last day, after 112 qualification matches, thousands of fuel balls scored, and hundreds of rotors turned, came alliance selection. Ranked 3rd on the Turing field, we had the chance to create our own alliance. Our first two picks were 2046, Bear Metal, and 1595, The Dragons. When it came to the Worlds-unique 3rd pick, we chose 2907, Lion Robotics, who, like us at PNW, didn't have the best of luck at this event and were ranked low despite performing just as well as they did all season. We had ended up with a exclusively Pacific Northwest alliance.

We beat the 6th seed alliance in the quarterfinals, and soon realized that we now would have to face the 2nd seed alliance, who had one of the strongest fuel robots at the event. After an anxiety-provoking loss for our first semifinal match, we were able to push back and win both the second semifinal and the tie-breaker match, bringing us to the finals. From then on for the rest of the day, other PNW teams came over to Turing to cheer us on, chanting "P-N-W! P-N-W!". The energy and support was immensely heart-warming, seeing so many people we had competed against and bonded with this past season back home come together to support us. This is why we love being a part of FIRST!  After realizing that we had a strong shot at Einstein for the first time in our team's history, Kevin Ross, the founder of FIRST Washington, told us that having an entire Pacific Northwest alliance perform this well was the best birthday present that he could ever have asked for.

After winning our first finals match, we played an incredibly close second match won by a single robot that climbed the rope and was ready for take-off! We had successfully reached Einstein for the first time in IRS history, and were the first PNW team to be an alliance captain on Einstein, with a complete PNW alliance nonetheless.

We enjoyed a long lunch break and unfortunately had to say goodbye to half of our team as they left to fly back home, although they continued to cheer us on and watch the livestream for as long as they could. Remaining team members then made their way to the Minute Maid Park Baseball Stadium for the Einstein matches. Along the way, our team was busy studying scouting data on other fields that other PNW teams had sent us. This provided us with data spanning 402 teams and that was collected over the course of 672 matches! On Einstein, while we lost every match but one - and we had to replay that win due to a field fault and lost - the experience at Einstein was truly unforgettable. 

To finish out our post, we'd like to thank everyone at Worlds who supported our PNW alliance, and everyone back home who cheered us on from afar. You guys rock and we here at 1318 are so happy for you to be a part of our team. We'd like to congratulate the Houston winning alliance, and we are so proud of the PNW team (2928) that was part of that! Additionally, thank you so much to our students, mentors, parents, and sponsors for not only an amazing Worlds experience, but a fantastic season overall. We can't wait to see what our team accomplishes next year!