Thursday, January 11th

To start the meeting, we looked at our remaining prototypes, discussing what was successful and ruling out what wasn’t. There was a lot of debate about what type of climber would work best for the game, with ideas ranging from a telescopic hook to an elevator mechanism. After everyone presented their prototypes, we looked to the “Robot In 3 Days Challenge” for any new possible information and see what didn’t work.

Afterwards, the team split into subgroups. While the mechanical team continued prototyping robot parts, the electrical team worked on making batteries and the programmers started code for when the robot is autonomous. The business team started collecting data on the team’s community impact for the Chairman’s Award and its structure for the Entrepreneurship Award.

Saturday, January 13th

In preparation for testing the robot, the CAD team worked on 3D models of the field and robot. We also started constructing physical field pieces that we can use for testing as we go through the build season, although they are quite large, so we are constructing modified versions that can move be stored more easily.

However, the majority of our meeting focused on strategy. We can’t go into too much detail about what our strategies are, but what we can talk about are PopSockets!

Want a way to show your love for robotics that is both stylish and useful? Last year, we designed “I ♥ Robots” PopSockets, and this year, we’re making them available for everyone! PopSockets are a great accessory for your phone that can be used for a stand, grip, and much more! Our digital design fits perfectly with this year’s PowerUp theme and is a great way to show your passion for robotics. If you’re interested in getting one of your own, contact us at

Monday, January 15th

The mechanical team completed the preliminary design for the robot, including the robot’s drivetrain, sensors, and intake. Meanwhile, the electrical team worked on updated the 2017 robot’s electrical board to be used for the 2018 test robot. They also figured out electronic parts needed for each mechanism in our robot. We had a yummy potato bar and brownies brought by our wonderful parents!

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