Thursday January 18

The CAD team and the mechanical team got together to discuss the logistics of climbing and the different ways to climb, to help develop our design of the climber, and to help us develop strategies about climbing. We then did a recap of the previous meeting to catch people up on what happened, and to keep them up to date on what was going on. Everyone else split up into their subteams, where they worked on their respective things that they needed to work on.

The programming team started to work on the Autonomous program for the robot, working on different possibilities for auto.

The mechanical team got to work prototyping the different parts of the robot, and also started to build the practice bot.

Electrical worked on the practice robot as well, working to wire up the 2017 robot to help programming figure out some issues.

The business team worked on getting the chairman's data for their short essays and continues to work on the entrepreneurship award as well.


Friday January 19

Mechanical design worked on the logistics of the arm to make sure it would function. They also continued to build the practice robot and prototype different designs, especially the climber. Additionally, they are working on the elevator and the first prototype of the intake is mostly built, but it is still a work in progress.

Programming is continuing to work on the autonomous and the PID code. They have essentially finished writing the autonomous code and will test it on the practice robot is done being constructed.

Electrical rewired the 2017 practice robot, so programming could use it to test some code.

Business started working on outlining short essays for Chairman’s. They also continued to brainstorm a theme for chairman’s and make progress on entrepreneurship.

The CAD team addressed problems associated with the latching mechanisms on the arm. They also explored different limits that may apply to driving the robot into place and how to deploy the arm quickly, with the lowest chance of error.

Saturday January 20th

Mechanical and design are still working hard on the robot prototype. Programming wrote the code for the elevator mechanism and finished planning auto hawaii missile alert simulator. Electrical added the limit switches and the encoders to the talon. They also worked on electronics for the elevator. The business team continued writing their Chairman’s short essay and work on a creative theme for Chairman’s. The CAD team began to CAD the robot arm mechanism. Good News: The tower, rung, plate, and arm field pieces are complete, along with progress on the platform!

Monday, January 22nd

Mechanical and design developed the robot arm design and added a battery holder on the robot. They also created parts for the elevator and drive train, and made decisions to enlarged some dimensions. Programming completed the task of coding the elevator mechanism, along with intake code. Electrical worked on the final layout of the board for the practice robot! The business team finally came to a conclusion on the theme and started working on the outline and draft of their long essay for Chairman’s. They also developed their short essay drafts. The CAD team progressed on the robot arm CAD project along with other robot CAD’s.

Thursday, January 25th

There were not many people present at the meeting due to it being Finals week. Mechanical design worked on redesigning the intake. Electrical changed the dimensions on the board to fit the dimension changes. Business continued on drafting and editing the Chairman’s and Entrepreneurship submissions. The CAD team made more CAD designs for the robot, and make any necessary changes.

Friday, January 26th

Mechanical design worked on a new intake design, figuring out which design would work better. They also continued to work on building the drive train. Programming continued to work on the intake code. Electrical advanced on wiring up the practice bot. Meanwhile, business worked on Chairman’s short essays and the Entrepreneurship award. The CAD team worked intake design as well, determining which design is superior.

Thanks for reading our weekly overviews! Look forward to our next post!