Hey everyone,

This weekend, we headed east to Yakima for the very first PNW SunDome District Event. We started the competition out strong ending with 9-1 record and ranked 2nd at the end of the day. After facing some troubles and losses on our second day, we dropped to the 4th seed and ended with a record of 9-3. However, our day turned around when the 1st alliance captain, 2811 (Stormbots) picked us as a partner and then picking 3575 (Okanogan FFA) completing the alliance. We faced fierce competition against the 8th alliance in the quarterfinals, 5th alliance in the semifinals and the 2nd alliance in the finals. In the end, our alliance was able to face the boss, and came out victorious. We were crowned the SunDome event Winners!

We were also very grateful for our Chairman’s win, with a guaranteed slot in the PNW District Championship! It was our very first time receiving 2 blue banners at an event and also the very first time winning Chairman’s 2 years in a row!

We were also honored for being the runner up for the safety award at this competition (shoutout to Sionet for all her hard work as our amazing Safety Captain).

We want to thank Team 2811, Stormbots and Team 3575, Okanogan FFA for an amazing partnership and all the other teams for an great and spirited event with all their dedication and support! We want to recognize all the hard work and effort of the event volunteers (especially from Team 4125) and our awesome scouters on our team!