Hi everyone! It’s been a while since our last post, so here’s a recap of what’s happened since Yakima.

We finished our 2018 competition season on a high note. At the Auburn Mountainview District event, we were ranked number four, becoming finalists with the second alliance. We went home with the District Event Finalist Award and our first ever Engineering Inspiration Award!

At the PNW District Championship in Portland, we were the number seven ranked team in the entire region. We became alliance captain of the sixth alliance, picking 4513 and 2976. We made it all the way to semifinals! We may have not won any competition awards, but our amazing CAD subteam won four awards at the Autodesk booth.

With our strong finish at Portland, we qualified for the World Championship in Houston. We all had lots of fun at the event, exploring the Innovation Faire, walking around the city, and participating in the competition. We ranked 16th in the Turing Division, getting eliminated in quarterfinals. However, while we didn’t make it very far, our friends and neighbors the Spartabots (2976) were part of the World Champion alliance! The Einstein Finals were very exciting for the PNW region and the Issaquah community, and were made even more exciting with the announcement of the 2019 FRC game, “Destination: Deep Space.”

With the conclusion of the competition season, we sadly had to say goodbye to our departing senior class. Everyone in the IRS would like to thank Bryan, Leila, Tyler, Andrew, Manvi, Caitlyn, Rithu, Noah, Preston, Stuart, and our departing faculty advisor Jill. We appreciate everything that you’ve done for the team, and we know you will go on to do great things in the future.

Now two months into the summer off-season, we have been preparing for our next two events: Peak Performance on September 8 and Girls’ Generation on October 27. Meanwhile, we have been organizing and volunteering in community outreach events. The IRS has attended multiple events at the Issaquah Library where we teach STEM skills to young children, introducing the community to FIRST programs. Last month, we were part of the Issaquah Fourth of July parade. You will also see us at Issaquah Highlands Days on August 25, and at Issaquah Salmon Days on October 6-7.

With the new school year about to start, we have been hard at work getting ready for the next season. We are very happy to announce that our new faculty advisor is math teacher Mr. Blaskie! Our first meeting for new students will be on September 20, which will kickoff fall training. It may still be 2018, but we are looking to future with one destination: Deep Space!