Useful Links

FIRST Website - Official information about FIRST robotics

FIRST WA Website - Official information about local FIRST teams

FRC Game & Season Info - Game manual & information

FRC Awards - Comprehensive guide to FRC award submissions

IHS ABS - Our custom club attendance software

Chief Delphi - A social media forum for FRC teams

IRS GitHub Page - A database for our code

Eclipse Setup - Programming application

WPI Library Documentation - Code library

All About Circuits - Electrical resources

IRS Ryver - Team communication and project management




We use the font "AvantGarde-Demi" whenever possible for titles, headers, and our robots’ bumpers.


Purple: R:102 G:35 B:130 #662382

Gold: R:249 G:178 B:52 #f9b234

IRS1318 Logo.png